Of devious p(l)ot holes and gay men - and a pitiful author

Well - OK - I wasn't really on the rise. More like a little hiccup. And then back down again.

In the meantime I have begun fretting over my plot - or lack thereof. Part of the fretting has produced something which just might be worthwhile. The current main grief is deciding on whether my intended murderer might actually turn out to be the murderer. And whether instead of too flimsy a plot it may becoming too convoluted. *sigh* If it ain't one thin' it's another!

On a more cheerful note I'm having success in giving my characters (or at least the more important ones) names! No surnames as yet, but first names are a rather important part of the whole naming business. And as it turns out, two of my chaps have some very .... thoughtless fathers. Creative yes, normal no. (insert devious author image here)

I haven't made up my mind how well planned I want this to be before hurling myself into the November madness. But some character building is probably recomendable. Been considering drawing some of them - or asking a friend to doodle a bit. So when I look at it objectively I guess I'm not doing too bad in my preparations. :)
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Almost fit for fight again!

After more or less vegetating for several days I can feel energy swishing inside of me.

Planning for NaNo 2009 is continuing nicely - apart from  realizing my motive doesn't work. So I need a different victim and motive. Well - better to discover that now than in November! Gives me time to brainstorm. I have started becoming a tad more organized - and stocking up on snacks.

Today I aim to flesh out my characters somewhat. The naming part is one I am dreading in particular. And why are three of my four male main chars gay??!! They aren't even involved with each other - just friends and aquaintances. *sigh*

I also want to start making a list of helpful links. So I don't have them spread all over the place as is my general habit. Might start that today too.
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